Knowledge: What is Laminate Wood Flooring?

laminate wood floors
About Laminate Wood floors

Wood floors are a beautiful option for any home they also happen to be kind of expensive for the homeowners on a budget. Laminate wood flooring can be a great alternative. We have customers come into the store all the time wanting to know exactly what laminate wood flooring is & how it differs from hardwood flooring. In this blog post, I’ll answer those questions and explain the benefits and drawbacks of laminate wood. Despite its name laminate wood flooring or laminate floors isn’t wood it just does a really good job of looking like wood rather it’s a synthetic flooring product that fuses several different materials under high pressure known as lamination.

Laminate wood floor construction

A Laminate Wood Floor Plank is made up of 4 Layers
  1. 1: Wear Layer
    • – A top anti-resistance wear layer that protects the surface from scratches. A high resistant Wood Floor will have a rating of AC4 to AC5 (For reference check out our AC4 Class Grade Floors by AGT PARKE)
  2. 2: Decorative Layer
    1. – Printed layer that mimics the look of hardwood floors.
  3. 3: Core Board
    1.  –  The core board is the High-Density Fiberboard made our of Wood Fibers. The water-resistance of your flooring depends on the quality of the HDF Board used to manufacture Laminate Wood Floors.
  4. 4: Balance Paper
    1. – Lastly, the bottom layer includes a balance paper that levels and provide protection from below the floor for any imperfections. 

Most laminate wood flooring includes a moisture-resistant layer of resin and fiberboard topped by a high-resolution photograph of natural wood flooring the photograph is protected by a hard clear cellulose coating that can handle the normal foot traffic within a home, flooring can be made to look like most traditional hardwood floors like cherry, oak, maple, ash, birch and others at a much cheaper price.

If a type of hardwood flooring exists there is likely a laminate counterpart that looks just like it there are a lot of reasons why we recommend laminate flooring to my customers. The most compelling reason is the price, hardwood floors aren’t cheap especially if you want to put them down in a big room or several rooms throughout your home or office if you are on a budget laminate can provide some serious financial relief.


Just to give you an idea hardwood floors typically run Rs.600 to Rs. 1,000 per square foot compare that to laminate wood flooring which starts at under Rs.150 per square foot and usually tops out at Rs. 300 per square foot. Other benefits of laminate wood flooring include its ease of installation which most savvy do it yourself can handle in an afternoon.  Check out this Youtube video on installing a laminate wood floor.

And the fact that laminate wood can be used in places that are not conducive to hardwood floorings like basements, kitchens and wet climates. Laminate Wood does have its drawbacks, for one thing, it isn’t real wood and never will be if you’re looking for authenticity then hardwood floors are the way to go.

In summary laminate wood floors can be a great flooring solution for the homeowner on a budget who still wants the look and feel of hardwood in their home. If you live in Lahore or Islamabad stop by at Interio Floors to view our expansive laminate wood catalog. If you have any questions about laminate wood feel free to contact us at +923334233348.

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